About Me

Rock Climbing


I was born and grew up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.



When I have free time, I like to write code for various projects. I am a member of both the Western Canadian Robotics Society (WCRS), which is a robotics club, and Protospace, which is a makers group.

High-Powered Rocketry

Another hobby that I enjoy is building and launching high-powered rockets. When I am not in Ontario for school, I attend bi-annual high-powered rocket meets in southern Alberta. I am a member of the Canadian Association of Rocketry (CAR) and the Calgary Rocketry Association (CRA). See my rocket tracking system here.


I built a shop in my garage, where I enjoy woodworking projects, such as cabinetry and furniture. See my shop here.

Canoeing and Rock-Climbing

Rock-climbing and canoeing are among my favorite activities, especially when I can arrange to get away for several weeks at a time.  The highlight of my trips was a 30 day Outward Bound excursion.

Ice Hockey

I love ice hockey, both as a player and a fan.  I have played goalie and worked as a referee for many years.  I am also an avid Calgary Flames fan.